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Get your medical marijuana card online from a state-certified medical marijuana doctor at Thousands of patients just like you received their new MMJ card, renewal, or 12 month prescription online via televisit (webcam) or telephone call.

100% money back guarantee if you do not receive the doctor’s certification.

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How it works

How to get a medical marijuana card, renewal, or 12 month prescription online!

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with a state-certified medical marijuana doctor.

Appointments are completed online via webcam or telephone call.

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Step 2

Join your MMJ appointment

Log into your account from a mobile device or desktop and join your webcam appointment with an MMJ doctor. You can complete the evaluation via telephone call as well.

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Step 3

Receive your medical marijuana recommendation and apply to the state registry

After you receive your medical marijuana card recommendation form, we will guide you to the state’s registry. There, you will pay the registration fee and receive your government issued medical marijuana card in the mail.

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Have a question? We have answers.

Our team of medical marijuana researchers and medical doctors have compiled a list of questions and answers. Commonly asked medical marijuana card and renewal service questions can be found here.

View all resources was developed to streamline the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card recommendation or renewal online. Our team of medical marijuana doctors are highly skilled at evaluating patients for medical marijuana. is here to help you every step of the way.

Yes! services legal medical marijuana states that allow telemedicine visits. Patients are able to get their medical cannabis card recommendation or renewal online. This allows patients with medical conditions to avoid long trips to visit with medical marijuana doctors that may be hours away! also gives patients the ability to schedule follow up appointments to review their medical cannabis results. We are fully prepared to help patients every step of the way.

Our online medical marijuana doctors are highly skilled and are able to complete an evaluation in 15 minutes or less! They are highly trained, educated, and fully aware of the medical marijuana program requirements in each legal state. Your evaluation can be completed at the appointment time via telephone call. Webcam evaluations are not required.

Yes! Most legal medical marijuana states set an expiration date on your medical marijuana card. Typically, the standard timeframe is roughly 12 months from the registration of your medical card. Do not worry, patients will be notified with expiration date warnings via e-mail and will be welcomed back to with a discount on their online medical marijuana card renewal fee.

If you do not receive a medical marijuana card recommendation or renewal online at, you will receive a full refund! This is a 100% money back guarantee. Our free pre-assessment will help guide you to decide whether or not you may receive your online medical marijuana card.


Transparent & affordable.

Our process for obtaining a state medical marijuana card recommendation was designed with you in mind. If you do not obtain a MMJ card recommendation after your virtual appointment, you will receive a full refund.

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Get your new MMJ card by a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor online or over the phone.

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MMJ card renewal


Get your MMJ card renewed by a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor online or over the phone.

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Do I need a medical marijuana card?

Here are a few of the many reasons to become a state registered medical marijuana card holder.

Medical Marijuana Card

Sales tax range from 0-5% in most MMJ states

Higher possession limits

Access to more dispensaries

Supervision of a medical doctor

Recreational Marijuana

Sales tax as high as 37%

Restricted possession limits

Access to less dispensaries

No medical supervision