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The MMJ.com team is made up of a variety of medical marijuana industry experts. Our team of medical researchers, medical marijuana doctors, healthcare attorneys, and advanced technology experts have worked endlessly to solve the medical marijuana industry's major problem: the online medical marijuana card and renewal evaluation process.                        

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to democratize access to medical marijuana cards.”

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Expert team, proprietary telemedicine technology.

The Problem

The ability for patients to obtain medical marijuana is not a simple task. A patient must sometimes drive up to six hours in their home state just to find a medical marijuana doctor who may or may not recommend the patient for a medical marijuana card. In the event the patient receives a medical marijuana card, they must return to that location for a follow up visit and then the annual medical marijuana card renewal. This is a very time consuming, difficult task for many patients with medical conditions. Not only is obtaining a medical marijuana card or renewal a challenge, it is also very costly. Some medical marijuana doctors will charge up to $400 for their medical marijuana card evaluation. A long, expensive experience to obtain a medical marijuana card has prevented many patients from being able to consider medical marijuana as a form of medication. The founders of MMJ.com know this very well, as they watched their grandfather struggle with debilitating issues, in hopes that medical marijuana was going to be obtainable in his lifetime.

The Solution

The founders of MMJ.com set out on a mission to solve their grandpa's problem and the issues many other patients around the United States were up against. The solution is the proprietary medical marijuana card telemedicine and software curated to assist patients in their uphill battle to get their medical marijuana card recommendation, follow up visits, and renewals all done online! MMJ.com was carefully designed to problem solve this specific industry flaw and will help as many medical marijuana patients as they can. Not only is the MMJ.com telemedicine software simple to use, but it is cost effective. With medical marijuana card and renewal evaluations priced at the marijuana industry's lowest tier, MMJ.com is proud to put patients first and foremost at all times. The medical marijuana doctors at MMJ.com are not only the best in the industry, but they genuinely care for every medical marijuana patient they evaluate. MMJ.com will help you get your medical marijuana card recommendation or renewal online, fast and stress-free!


Streamline the medical marijuana card and renewal process

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Step one

Take a free pre-assessment! Find out if you qualify for a medical marijuana card by answering a few simple questions. Once completed, schedule a virtual appointment with a licensed qualifying medical marijuana doctor.

Step two

Attend your virtual appointment with a medical marijuana doctor! Log in to your patient profile from a mobile device or desktop and join your virtual appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor. Virtual appointments last approximately 10-15 minutes.

Step three

Receive your medical marijuana recommendation and apply to the state registry! After you receive your medical marijuana card recommendation, we will guide you to the state’s registry. There, you will pay the registration fee (typically $50), apply to the state registry, and receive your medical marijuana card.