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Online Medical Marijuana Card and Renewal FAQ

Does every patient qualify for a medical marijuana card?

No, not every patient will qualify for a medical marijuana card or renewal. The patient must have one or more of their residential state’s qualified medical conditions. has a team of online medical marijuana doctors who will evaluate the patient and determine whether or not the medical condition is accepted in the patient’s residential state. has developed a fast and easy pre-assessment test to help determine eligibility to potentially receive a medical marijuana card online. Our team of online medical marijuana card doctors are the best in the medical marijuana industry and have a true passion for their patients.

How do I get started with

It is quick and simple! Start out by selecting your residential state in which you will be applying for a medical marijuana card or renewal. Once the state page is loaded, click the pre-assessment button to begin the test! The pre-assessment is approximately three to four questions long and will help to determine whether or not you may qualify for an online medical marijuana card or renewal. If and when the pre-assessment is passed, you will be asked to schedule a telemedicine evaluation with one of our qualified medical marijuana doctors in your state! After the telemedicine appointment is scheduled and your payment is submitted, you will be ready to visit virtually with a medical marijuana doctor from the comfort of your home.

How long is a telemedicine evaluation to receive an online medical marijuana card or renewal?

Most medical marijuana card evaluations will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You will be required to have any past medical records on hand, along with your valid driver’s license or identification card. The medical marijuana doctor will evaluate your past and current medical conditions. Our medical marijuana doctors are trained to properly evaluate patients using their best judgement in a timely manner. is available 24/7 and will answer any questions you may have before and after your medical marijuana card evaluation.

What is a medical marijuana card recommendation?

A medical marijuana card recommendation from a fully certified medical marijuana doctor is required by the state for a patient to receive a medical marijuana card. The medical marijuana doctor will evaluate each patient to determine whether or not the patient should receive a medical card or renewal based on various factors including medical condition requirements set by your state’s medical marijuana program. Since most states have different medical conditions and requirements, our team of medical marijuana doctors are fully prepared to assess the patient based on their state’s medical marijuana program requirements.

How much does it cost to get evaluated for a medical card or renewal? is proud to offer the lowest telemedicine fees at a nationwide rate of $149.99 per online medical marijuana card evaluation. This fee is different from the state application fee most medical marijuana programs require. Usually, the state fee is between $25-100 per application. States will also charge a renewal fee for when it comes time to renew your medical marijuana card online. If you are a returning patient, we will offer you a discount for your next renewal with! Our patients also have the ability to refer a friend and receive a credit towards your next telemedicine medical marijuana card renewal. This is an easy way to save big on your medical marijuana card renewal fees.

Is it legal to get my medical marijuana card or renewal online?

Yes! operates in telemedicine friendly medical marijuana states. Thanks to our legal team and their quality efforts, our service meets all of the legal standards and requirements. Our medical marijuana doctors have been certified to recommend medical marijuana in legal medical marijuana states.

Does my medical marijuana card expire?

Yes! Every medical marijuana card has an expiration date. The purpose of this is to get patients who use medical marijuana re-evaluated annually. Most medical marijuana cards are valid for twelve months from registration date, but some medical marijuana programs can offer a medical card for up to three years. At, we will do our best to alert you when your renewal may be coming up. Be sure to check your email for our medical marijuana card renewal alerts!

How much does it cost to renew my medical marijuana card online? charges $149.99 nationwide for new patients who need a medical marijuana card renewal! For returning patients, we offer a discount on your renewal. Patients also have the ability to refer a friend to and if they receive their medical card through, the patient who made the referral will receive a discount credit towards their next renewal with us.

How do I pay for the online medical marijuana card evaluation? will accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cash payments or medical insurance at this time. Medical insurance companies currently do not cover medical marijuana card evaluations.

What kind of device should I use for my online medical marijuana card evaluation?

Our proprietary medical marijuana telemedicine software is engineered to work with all smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with a properly functioning camera and microphone. We invite you to check in prior to your appointment to verify your device is able to successfully connect with the medical marijuana doctor. On your patient dashboard, you will see a checklist of items you should consider before beginning your telemedicine appointment. Consider a quiet and bright environment to allow for a quality online medical marijuana card evaluation.

Medical Marijuana Doctor FAQ

How do I work with

Our medical marijuana doctors must be actively licensed medical providers, practicing in a legal medical marijuana state. Each medical marijuana state program requires the completion of a course on medical marijuana, or registration to recommend medical marijuana cards to patients. We are currently servicing the following telemedicine friendly medical marijuana states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Maryland, Michigan, Connecticut, Illinois, and California. If you have an active, non restricted medical license in one or more of these states, we will help you register with the state medical marijuana program! Please fill out our partnership form to receive further information on how to work with

Can help me learn about the benefits of recommending medical marijuana to patients?

Yes, our team of medical marijuana researchers are continuously gathering necessary information on the benefits of medical marijuana, usage guides, success stories, and more! We are confident you will be a long term medical marijuana doctor after working with

Refund Policy

What if I do not receive a medical marijuana card recommendation or renewal?

If you do not receive a medical marijuana card recommendation, you will receive a full refund! This is a stress free online medical marijuana card evaluation process. We are confident you may receive the medical marijuana card recommendation or renewal if you are able to pass the free 3-4 question pre-assessment before you schedule and submit payment. This ultimately reduces the risk of failing the medical marijuana card evaluation so you will avoid wasted time!

If I miss my appointment, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, a refund will not be submitted for a missed appointment. You have the ability to reschedule your appointment within 12 months of the appointment time free of charge!

We understand things come up, so we are able to cater to your reschedule requests as long as we have a doctor available to complete the evaluation! Partnerships

I am a medical doctor with a certificate from my state to recommend medical marijuana. Can I join

Yes. Please submit your information on the partnership page to join our virtual network or email us at [email protected]