No, you must meet one or more of the qualifying conditions on your state’s list of acceptable medical marijuana conditions.

Click the “Get started” button and fill out your information. You will receive further instructions via email.

The free assessment is 100% free of charge and consists of a few simple questions to better allow you to understand whether or not you should schedule a virtual appointment.

A virtual appointment with a licensed MMJ doctor in your state typically lasts about 10-15 minutes.

In order to apply for your MMJ card through the government state’s registry, you are required to submit a doctor’s certificate of recommendation stating that you meet one or more of the qualifying conditions necessary to receive your MMJ card.

Yes. We only operate within legal MMJ states. Our licensed providers are certified with their state’s medical marijuana program and are able to recommend medical marijuana to patients via telehealth services.


The virtual appointment costs $149.99. During this appointment, you will meet with a licensed MMJ doctor, explain your medical condition(s), and receive your MMJ card recommendation.

Yes, fast and easy! is dedicated to assisting patients in receiving their MMJ card from start to finish. Once the patient receives the written doctor’s recommendation, they will be guided through the state’s government application process.

Yes. Your MMJ card will expire and the expiration date varies depending on your state and/or MMJ recommendation.

Yes. It is a state requirement to renew your MMJ recommendation before your MMJ card expires.

Yes, fast and easy! Schedule an appointment today to renew your MMJ card recommendation. We have streamlined the renewal process to help you every step of the way.

We offer the lowest MMJ recommendation renewal price in the medical marijuana industry at only $129.99. Returning patients are eligible to receive an additional discount on their recommendation renewal price. Some states may charge an additional fee for MMJ card renewal.

Each state has their own unique list of medical conditions and illnesses which qualify a patient to receive a MMJ card. Our team of researchers and licensed doctors maintain the most current list of conditions, which states frequently expand upon. If you do not currently qualify for a MMJ card, we can notify you as soon as your condition is added to the list of qualifications in your state.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We currently do not accept cash payments or medical insurance.

The government requires a medical recommendation from a licensed doctor, who is certified to recommend medical marijuana in your state.

Our proprietary telehealth software is engineered to work with all smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with a properly functioning camera and microphone. We invite you to check in prior to your appointment to verify your device is able to successfully connect with the doctor.


You must meet one or more of the qualifying conditions on your state’s list of acceptable medical marijuana conditions.

We respect and thank our veterans by offering a veteran’s discount on the initial MMJ card recommendation appointment. Our veterans MMJ card recommendation price is $129.99.

For veterans, we offer a discount on our MMJ card renewal services. Our veterans renewal price is $109.99. Returning veteran patients are eligible to receive an additional discount on their recommendation renewal price.


You must be an actively licensed medical provider practicing in a legal MMJ state. Each medical marijuana state program requires you to take a course on medical marijuana and certify you to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Please fill out our partnership form to receive further information on how to partner with

No, there is no payment required to join our medical marijuana network. 

Yes, please fill out the partnership form in order to receive further information. A member from our onboarding team will guide you step-by-step on how to become certified within your state’s medical marijuana program.

Yes, our team of researchers are continuously gathering necessary information on the benefits of medical marijuana, usage guides, success stories, and more!


If you do not receive a MMJ card recommendation, you will be fully refunded.

Yes, you get 100% of your money back if you do not receive an MMJ recommendation.


Yes, please submit your information on the partnership form page to join our virtual network. 

Yes, we work together to grow together! Our patients will be informed of our nearby dispensary partners. You can also earn on patient referrals. For more information, please submit your details on the partnership form page

Yes, our affiliate partners earn per referral of a patient and provider. Find out more information about our affiliate program by submitting your information on the partnership form page.

Yes, we love to collaborate with MMJ industry professionals! We will work with you to find a partnership opportunity within the virtual network. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via the partnership form page.

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