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Get Medical Marijuana Card Online Fast! If you’re reading this article, you may consider to apply for a medical marijuana card online. You must be aware of how states across the nation are beginning to fully legalize the use of cannabis for adults, known commonly as recreational marijuana. We might naturally wonder what this means for medical cannabis dispensaries and those who hold a medical cannabis card. medical cannabis card

Would a marijuana card serve any real purpose in a world where people can walk into a recreational dispensary and make a purchase just by flashing their state ID? Your driver’s license will end up being the new marijuana card.

There will still be some reasons – good ones – to possess a medical marijuana card. If you’re thinking about passing on your medical cannabis card renewal this year, please keep reading.

From greater affordability to access to higher dosage, you’ll find that there is plenty of support for your ongoing care on the medical side of cannabis legality. 

Lower Costs and Taxes for Medical Patients

When a medical dispensary sees your medical cannabis card, you have access to noticeably lower costs as a patient. If you rely on cannabis for medical complications, then you know how important this is.

Imagine needing life-saving treatment but not being able to afford it due to insurance declining coverage. That’s a harsh reality faced by many who depend on medical marijuana across America.

Add to that mental picture the detail of that life-saving medication being highly taxed and thus awfully expensive because what saves your life also doubles as a recreational joy for many other people. 

So it is that medical dispensaries will make concessions for patients that recreational dispensaries won’t. Just look at Colorado where a medical cannabis patient could avoid the 10% retail tax and 15% excise task that a recreational customer would be facing.

The bottom line is that having a medical card gives you access to your medicine at a lower cost, making your healthcare more affordable. Nobody has said that their healthcare was too affordable. Especially now with clinics operating at partial capacity.

Cards Are Helpful for Growers, Apply For A Medical Card Online Today!

Not every state with a program allows patients to grow their own marijuana, but many do. The amount allowed is higher for medical patients than it is for those recreational growers.

Most states that have a set of medical marijuana laws and a set of recreational laws allow some room to breathe for patients who need to grow additional cannabis as needed.

Recreational growers are allowed to grow four plants in Oregon. Medical growers are permitted six plants. This is a key detail for patients who are growing for both their well-being and their financial stability.

Legalization across the US is a liquid situation and even though it seems to be progressing, there are going to be lots of dips and turns along the way, so there isn’t a reason to brush aside the provisions for those who use cannabis for medical reasons.

There are going to be reasons for applying for and renewing a medical marijuana card for many years to come. 

Higher Potency Limits

The dosage in medical marijuana is just as relevant as dosage in any other medication. Many patients cannot get relief from their symptoms without high-strength cannabis. Recreational dispensaries usually have a cap on the potency they can serve, but medical dispensaries have more room to operate in. 

By way of example, recreational dispensaries in California are limited to 1,000mg of cannabinoids per package.

Medical dispensaries are allowed to go higher for patients, legally permitted to sell tinctures or lotions with  2,000mg.

Of course, those potency limits are going to be different from state to state. Nevada, Oregon, California, and Colorado all allow higher potency for MMJ patients. 

Washington State restricts recreational edibles to 10mg per serving. Some medical dispensaries have 25mg edibles for medical patients. 

Alaska doesn’t have any medical dispensaries even though they have a MMJ program. Patients have to get their cannabis from the same places that the fun-seekers do, and thus there’s no option for higher potency products. 

Cannabis Patients Under 21 Years of Age

If you’re 21 or over, you can legally make a purchase in recreational dispensaries. This is a problem for children that are medical marijuana patients. 

Depending on the state and depending on the card, people 20 and under can legally access the cannabis they need for treating cancer, epilepsy, or other conditions and ailments. 

Make a clear distinction between medical and recreational marijuana is importation in reducing the stigmatization of pediatric patients. 

All states with medical marijuana programs currently have laws that allow minors to access medical cannabis with the help of a caregiver. The form of cannabis, cannabinoids and potency limits will vary from one state to another. 

Why Should You apply For A Medical Marijuana Card with

If you’re looking to either get a medical cannabis card online or renew your medical marijuana card online, is going to be the first place you want to stop.

Many places involved in setting patients up with medical marijuana cards are operating at limited capacity due to the pandemic, so the option of being able to apply or renew your medical marijuana card online is a boon to your time and energy. works in conjunction with Telehealth, so you know you’re being assisted by a professional company within the medical marijuana industry. medical marijuana industry

Our website serves as a convenient guide to qualifying for a medical cannabis card by the guidelines of the state that you find yourself living in. Simply select your State of residency to find information about each State’s medical marijuana process and qualifying conditions. Once you’ve determined your qualifications using our website, you can follow through with the medical marijuana application or renewal process through

Once you visit the website, you can take a free pre-assessment to see if you qualify. After that, you will be matched with a medical marijuana licensed physician for a 10–15-minute appointment. From there you will receive your medical marijuana recommendation and be directed to how you can purchase your registry with the state. Learn more about medical marijuana cards in your State today!