Illinois Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal Online (IL) How to

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Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Online – Guide 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Illinois (IL) Medical Cannabis Card or Renewal in Illinois

On January 1, 2020 medicinal marijuana got the “green light” in the state of Illinois.

Now legal across the state for medicinal purposes, there are still a number of rules, restrictions, and regulations that people need to know about before they pursue a medical marijuana card in Illinois.

Below we highlight (almost) everything you need to know about getting your medical marijuana card in Illinois, shining a light on things like:

  • The telemedicine rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana
  • The qualifying medical conditions that are approved for medical marijuana
  • How our three-step process for getting your medical marijuana card works

… And more!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Telemedicine Rules and Regulations Regarding Medical Marijuana in Illinois. Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

A number of changes to the medical marijuana card Illinois laws on the books since January 2020 were introduced in July 2021 by Gov. Pritzker.

The signing of HB 1443 into law changed the way that citizens throughout Illinois signed up for a medical card online, simplifying the process significantly – while also making it possible to renew medical card online, too.

No longer are Illinois citizens required to select a single dispensary that they’ll get all of their but this in on marijuana from. It’s possible to use a medical marijuana card Illinois at any state authorized and sanctioned dispensary now, a huge change that will make the lives of Illinois citizens much easier.

The medical marijuana card online process to sign up for (or to go through the medical marijuana card renewal process) is streamlined and simplified dramatically, too.

The new Medical Cannabis Registry in Illinois is engineered to be as easy to use as possible – though you’ll still want to consider our help here at to simplify things even more!

Do You Have Qualifying Medical Conditions to receive your Illinois (IL) Medical Cannabis Card?

To get a medical marijuana card Illinois citizens are going to need to confirm (not proof, but just confirm) that they have a qualifying medical condition already.

The state currently lists dozens of different qualifying medical conditions under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, including (but not limited to):





Chronic pain

Crohn’s disease


Hepatitis C

Interstitial cystitis

Irritable bowel syndrome



Multiple sclerosis

Muscular dystrophy


Parkinson’s disease

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Residual limb pain

Rheumatoid arthritis

Severe fibromyalgia

Tourette syndrome

Traumatic brain injuries

… And more!

You’ll want to have a look at this breakdown to make sure that you can confirm you have at least one (if not multiple) of these qualifying medical conditions.

So long as you can attest to the fact that you do in fact suffer from these ailments – something that does not need to be confirmed with a doctor – you’ll be able to move forward with the medical marijuana card Illinois registration process.

How Our Three-Step Online Medicinal Marijuana Card Process Works

There are a number of reasons people in Illinois (and around the country, for that matter) choose us to help them get their medical card online or go through the medical card renewal process.

The biggest reason, though, is because of how simple and straightforward we make the medical card Illinois process.

Everything we do to get people their medical marijuana card in Illinois breaks down into three simple and very straightforward steps:

First, we have a preassessment process (100% free of charge) that helps to confirm that it individual is in fact eligible for a medical marijuana card in the state of Illinois. This whole process takes about two minutes from start to finish.

If you are confirmed to be eligible there will be a virtual appointment set up with a licensed medical marijuana doctor in the state of Illinois that can conduct a follow-on consultation.

That’s the second step of this process.

All you have to do is login to your virtual appointment with this medical marijuana doctor (something you can do from any mobile device or your computer). The whole appointment takes between 10 and 15 minutes from start to finish and is very straightforward.

Finally, the third step. All you have to do is run through the medical marijuana recommendation and state registry application process – and we give you all the resources you need right in our mobile app.

Just fill out the registration forms, applied to the registry directly, and then pay the fee (usually $50 or so) and you are good to go!

When Will I Receive My Illinois (IL) Medical Cannabis Card or Renewal Recommendation?

You’ll receive your marijuana medical card IL “documents” directly inside of our email.

These are digital versions that you can use at any state sanctioned dispensary right away, with paper versions sent to your physical mailing address (the mailing address that you’ve provided during the application process) within the next week or 10 days.

After that you are good to go – you can use your medical marijuana card straightaway (and we will be here when it’s time to go for the Illinois (IL) medical card renewal process, too)!

Illinois Medical marijuana Card
Illinois (IL) Medical Cannabis Card