Medical Marijuanas Card NY (New York) 2023 Guide

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Medical Marijuanas Card NY for New York.

How to get a Medical Marijuanas Card in New York. It all starts with visiting to schedule an appointment with a certified New York Medical Marijuana doctor.

How long does it take to receive a New York MMJ card?

If you are approved to receive a medical marijuana card in New York, your NY MMJ doctor will generate a MMJ card certification form that will be sent to you along with NY MMJ card registration instructions. Once the New York MMJ program receives your application (including your MMJ card certification) the department will typically approve the application within 7 business days, often sooner than that. Once it is approved, the New York MMJ Card Program will allow you to use a temporary MMJ card until the permanent NY cannabis card arrives in the mail. It is that easy!

Why should I get a Medical Marijuanas Card in New York?

If you are approved with one or more of the qualifying medical conditions, the alternative medicine such as medicinal marijuana has many therapeutic benefits thanks to the cannabinoids the medicinal marijuana program has to offer. The highest quality of medical marijuana is grown and sold in a New York medicinal marijuana dispensary.

Not only is the medicinal marijuana higher quality than recreationally grown cannabis, it is also more affordable since the New York medicinal marijuana program has lower sales tax than the recreational industry. Most New York medical marijuanas card patients are able to save a third of the price for the same amount purchased as a recreational buyer. If you require proper medication and need more medical marijuana to assist you with your condition, then staying a medicinal marijuanas card holder has a price advantage.

Medicinal marijuana card holders in New York also have an advantage in the event of a shortage in supply. New York medical marijuanas card patients are able to have access to medication in the event of a shortage.

Not only do New York MMJ card patients save money, have access to more dispensary options, and have access to medicinal marijuana during a shortage, the ability to speak with a fully licensed medical marijuana doctor in New York also has great advantages. Even though some medicinal qualities have yet to be confirmed, many studies are showing promising results for certain medical conditions.

What are the qualifying medical conditions to receive your New York Medical Marijuanas card?

Recently, the New York Medical Marijuana Program has changed the list of qualifying conditions to receive a NY MMJ card or renewal. During the evaluation, our NY MMJ physicians are able to evaluate your condition and determine if you are approved by the belief that your condition could benefit for the usage of medicinal marijuana.

This is a massive change in the New York Medical Cannabis Program allowing our NY medical marijuana card doctors to use their proper clinical judgment and determine whether or not you may benefit from the usage of this alternative medicine.

In addition, if you are not eligible for a medical marijuanas card in New York, has a 100% money back guarantee allowing you to explore the option of using alternative medicine during a risk free evaluation.

How to get a medical marijuanas card in New York?

In a few steps, you can schedule an appointment with and speak to a New York Medical Marijuana Card Doctor online, receive your MMJ certification form, and apply to the NY medicinal marijuana program online. Yes, it is that simple and convenient. Since telemedicine for medical marijuana card evaluations are available to New York residents, you are able to complete this at the comfort of your home.

How do I schedule an appointment with a New York MMJ doctor?

Start by visiting us at, choose your state (New York), and click on, “Get MMJ Card”. At that time, you will be asked several questions such as age, residency, and do you believe you have one or more medical conditions that can benefit from the usage of medicinal marijuanas.

Medical Marijuanas Card NY
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