Missouri Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal Online

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Missouri Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal Online in (MO). Missouri (MO) is one of 33 states allowing marijuana for medical use but it is one of the easiest states to get the coveted card. More than 41,000 Missouri residents have gotten a Missouri (MO) medical marijuana card since Amendment 2 legalized medicinal weed use in 2018. 

The state is also lenient regarding how doctors evaluate you for qualifying for a medical marijuana card Missouri. It demands a thorough look at past medical records before offering a recommendation but doesn’t stipulate how that is to be done. Once you get a doctor’s approval, you can apply to the state for the medical card MO.

The Facts about Missouri (MO) Medical Marijuana Card or renewal online.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are budding in Missouri but you will need a medical marijuana card Missouri before you can buy medical cannabis. 

The state has a standard allotted amount of 4 ounces of cannabis or 32 units of MME (Missouri Marijuana units of Equivalency) monthly. An MME is the same as a gram of THC concentrate or 100 mg of a product infused with it. 

Getting more than the standard can be tougher. Those who need additional products must use the Alternative Physician Certification Form. Then, they must submit two copies with each completed by two different doctors. The same qualifying condition must be on both forms. 

Doctors can fill out the form electronically and submit it online, which makes the approval a little faster. Missouri acceptance of telehealth makes it the perfect place to use telemedicine to get your medical marijuana card Missouri.

The entire process typically takes two weeks but could take up to 30 days to get your medical marijuana card.

Who Can Get a Missouri (MO) Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal?

The key qualification to either get a card, whether you go see a doctor in-person or apply for a medical card online, is to have a chronic condition requiring medical use of marijuana. They include illnesses like cancer, intractable migraines, glaucoma, PTSD, or epilepsy. 

It can include any debilitating medical condition and a full list on the state’s Department of Health website.

You will need some other documents including one that has a clear facial photograph that was taken sometime in the past 90 days. Minors need their parent’s or guardians’ permission. 

The state will send an email to tell you the card is ready and then you can download it from the state portal where you uploaded your documents.

How is Telemedicine Used to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Telemedicine is becoming more popular in Missouri and other places as a substitute for an in-person visit with a licensed doctor.

Missouri and other states are allowing the use of this technology to get either a medical card online or a medical card renewal. Some doctors are raising controversy about using it to offer recommendations of medical marijuana card Missouri applications. 

It’s simple to apply for a medical marijuana card or renew your medical card online in Missouri with MMJ.com. The cost of $149.99 includes a free pre-screening test, your virtual appointment, and help for finishing up applying in Missouri. The price is the same for both first-time patients and those seeking medical marijuana card renewal.

Using Our Platform

All it takes is three simple steps to use our platform to help apply for your medical card or gain medical marijuana card renewal. 

  1. Take the free pre-assessment test to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card Missouri.
  2. Set up your virtual doctor’s appointment. All virtual appointments are with a qualified, licensed doctor specializing in medical marijuana. An appointment shouldn’t take any more than 15 minutes to complete.
  3. Your doctor will issue you a medical marijuana recommendation from your doctor. Now, you can use it to apply to the state registry in Missouri with help from MMJ.com guides.

Cost of Missouri Medical Card

A separate $25 registration fee for the state is required when you apply to the State of Missouri. That is paid directly to the state.

Garnering a doctor’s recommendation for a medical marijuana card online won’t guarantee the state will approve you. 

Is Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Using Telemedicine Legal?

Telemedicine doctors’ consultations are legal in Missouri. Additionally, the state doesn’t track answers to the medical card application stating whether you had an in-person visit or a telemedicine appointment.