NJMCP Marijuana Doctors – New Jersey (NJ) 2023

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NJMCP marijuana doctors online or over the telephone at MMJ.com.

Schedule your appointment today to get your NJ Medical Marijuana Card!

NJMMP Marijuana doctors

Because getting a NJ medical marijuana card has been a difficult task, MMJ.com proudly offers an online medical marijuana card evaluation service. At MMJ.com, not only will you be able to speak with an NJMCP medical marijuana doctor online, but we will also assist with the NJMCP registration. This is a required task to receive your fully compliant New Jersey Marijuana Card.

But where do you begin? By clicking the link at the top of the page stating “Schedule an Appointment”. This will begin the appointment process and allow you to meet with a state certified NJMMP marijuana doctor. It is critical that you speak with an NJMCP doctor. Because you will need the certification form and reference number to register with the state – only NJMCP certified NJ marijuana doctors have access to the NJMCP registry. In addition, the NJMCP will require an additional registration payment to be made directly to the NJMCP. The NJMCP standard registration fee is $50. For patients who qualify for a reduced fee, it is only $20.

MMJ.com has made this process streamlined with patients in mind. And we are here every step of the way!

How do I receive a NJ MMJ card?

First, Schedule an appointment with a MMJ.com New Jersey Marijuana doctor online. Furthermore, receive your NJMCP certification form and reference number.

Next, we will guide you to the NJMCP to complete your registration.

Lastly, await for your NJMCP card to arrive in the mail! This can take 2-3 weeks for the NJMCP to print, issue, and mail your NJ MMJ card directly to you!

In addition, now that you understand how to obtain a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card, it is time to schedule your risk free New Jersey medical marijuana doctors appointment!

Please visit MMJ.com for more information.

NJMMP Marijuana Doctors
NJMMP Marijuana Doctors