Virginia Marijuana Certification Online 2023 Guide

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Virginia MMJ Certification Forms are now required to access your local VA medical marijuana dispensary. Virginia medical marijuana patients are no longer required to register with the VA MMJ program and pay the additional registration fee.

2022 was an important year for the Virginia medical marijuana program. The recent change in regulation allows Virginia patients to complete the MMJ doctors evaluation and receive a written MMJ certification form allowing the patient to purchase, possess, and consume medical marijuana within the state of Virginia.

How can I get a Virginia MMJ Certification in 2023?

It is an easy process thanks to the team at! We have streamlined the process of obtaining a Virginia medical marijuana certification form. The program also reduced the overall costs of receiving a medical marijuana card since the department no longer requires patients to register with the Virginia medical marijuana program and pay the registration fee to receive a physical MMJ card. Although this is still an option for patients to register and receive the hard copy MMJ card, most patients would rather print many copies of the doctor’s written MMJ certification form and access the dispensary immediately.

Schedule an appointment to complete the doctor’s MMJ evaluation.

You can now speak with the medical marijuana doctor in Virginia from the comfort of your home. Yes, the rise in telemedicine technology has grown significantly over the years due to the Covid crisis. You can now visit, select the state of “Virginia”, and click “Schedule an Appointment” to set your date/time to speak with the doctor.

After the doctor completes the evaluation and approves you for a Virginia MMJ certification, the doctor will email you the written certification form that is signed by the evaluating MMJ doctor.

Once you receive the email with the VA MMJ certification form, you are able to download/save the document and print it out. Print out as many copies as you would like and visit the MMJ dispensary of your choice.

Can I use my Virginia MMJ certification form in other states?

You will need to verify the state’s legal guidelines you will be traveling to and find out if the state has a reciprocity program allowing out-of-state medical marijuana cards or certification forms to access their medical marijuana dispensaries. In most cases, you will not be able to purchase medical cannabis in another state using your Virginia MMJ Certification Form. You are not allowed to travel across state lines with your medical marijuana products either.

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