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Medical marijuana in Alabama is legal with a proof of residency and a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation to medicate with medical marijuana. In Alabama, recreational marijuana still remains illegal.

At this time, does not service patients in Alabama. In the event Alabama allows patients to receive their medical marijuana card recommendations online, will service patients living in Alabama. 

Yes. Alabama legalized the usage of medical marijuana. The bill, Senate Bill 46, will devise a legal system to regulate medical marijuana from the cultivation of the medical marijuana plants, to processing and testing the medical cannabis products, to selling the medical cannabis in Alabama medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Yes. To consume and purchase medical marijuana in Alabama from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary, patients must visit with a medical marijuana doctor licensed in the state of Alabama. Medical cannabis patients must be evaluated and have one or more of the qualifying medical conditions to receive a medical cannabis doctor’s recommendation.

Autism; cancer-related weight loss, or chronic pain; Crohn’s; depression; epilepsy or condition causing seizures; HIV/AIDS-related nausea or weight loss; panic disorder; Parkinson’s; persistent nausea not related to pregnancy; PTSD; sickle cell; spasticity associated with diseases including ALS and multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries; terminal illnesses; Tourette’s; chronic pain for which conventional therapies and opiates should not be used or are ineffective.


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Alabama Medical Marijuana Legislation

Alabama has legalized Medical Marijuana access to patients via several laws being passed recently, although Recreational Cannabis-use is currently illegal. Starting in 2014 with Carly’s Law, which gave permission to the University of Alabama to provide CBD, a non-psychoactive to children with seizures as part of a clinical study promoted by the University.

In 2016, Leni’s Law was passed to amend Carly’s Law which allowed the possession and use of CBD oils by those who suffered from critical medical conditions after being diagnosed by a licensed physician.

In 2019, SB 225 was signed and had redefined CBD to fit the definition of the Federal 2018 Farm Bill, allowing Alabama pharmacies to sell CBD products to patients.

During 2021 Alabama medical marijuana was able to be voted on as legislature, which was signed in May and affects residents of Alabama. The law, SB 46, the Darren Wesley ‘Ato’ Hall Compassion Act legalized medical marijuana for 16 conditions where alternative medicines or treatments had failed previously. This law expanded marijuana-use definitions to exclude medical marijuana consumption in schools, but also provided no legal framework for Alabama patients who need to use medical marijuana during their work activities. SB 46 also created institutional frameworks such as the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to create a registry system, transport systems, testing labs, dispensaries, and license processors for the aforementioned.

Alabama Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Possession Laws

Alabama medical marijuana patients who are 19 years or older, as well as caregivers who are registered as patients or caregivers can legally possess up to 70 daily doses of medical cannabis with their Alabama medical marijuana cards. The limit on a daily dose of medical cannabis is 75mg of THC, though your recommending physician will determine the individual’s limit.

Cultivation of medical marijuana with a medical marijuana card is illegal in Alabama. Any individual cultivating marijuana at home, even for personal use, will be charged with trafficking cannabis and is considered a felony. For those who do not have an Alabama medical marijuana card, possession of cannabis is a misdemeanor and can carry penalties up to $6,000 with one year in prison. For persons who are convicted of possessing marijuana for purposes other than personal use may be charged with a felony, and up to 10 years in prison with a $15,000 maximum fine.

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Do I need an Alabama medical marijuana card?

Here are a few of the many reasons to become a state registered Alabama medical marijuana card holder.

Medical Marijuana Card

Sales tax range from 0-5% in most MMJ states

Higher possession limits

Access to more dispensaries

Supervision of a medical doctor

Recreational Marijuana

Sales tax as high as 37%

Restricted possession limits

Access to less dispensaries

No medical supervision