New York Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal Online (NY)

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Get your New York Medical Marijuana Card or Renew your NY MMJ card online. Those seeking a New York (NY) medical marijuana card have some good news as some of the medical marijuana laws got enhanced and expanded to make getting and using a medical card much easier. 

Getting a medical card NY has never been truly difficult. You must have a chronic disease like cancer, Parkinson’s, PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, or some other life-altering ailment but people can get a medical card online with a doctor’s approval. 

If you are living in New York and want to know more about how to get a medical marijuana card or get a medical card renewal, read on.

The Facts about Medical Marijuana Card New York

New York passed a law allowing medical marijuana use in 2019. The practice isn’t growing as much in the northern seaboard city as it is in other places. Those with a medical marijuana card New York total around 110,000, according to the latest numbers. 

That’s not much when you have a 20-million person population.

The state changed several rules and regulations this fall to make it easier to apply for and get a medical card New York.

There were three big changes to New York (NY) Medical Marijuana Card:

  1. The state is making the waiver of the $50 registration fee permanent. It has issued a temporary waiver with the onset of the COVID-19 virus but now you can apply to the state for free.
  2. Dispensaries cannot release up to a 60-day supply of medical marijuana to a registered patient as long as their doctor agrees.
  3. The state expanded the number of doctors who can prescribe cannabis for medical use. Now, any practitioner who is registered and licensed or certified by New York to prescribe drugs can also prescribe cannabis. 

This includes podiatrists, dentists, and midwives. All practitioners must still fulfill the state’s other requirements to prescribe medical marijuana in NY. That includes a two-hour course and registering with the health department. 

New York doctors and nurse practitioners haven’t taken to the idea of prescribing marijuana for medical use. Medical professionals that are registered and trained with the state total around 1,900 when there are 90,000 doctors and nurse practitioners statewide that could participate.

Can I renew my New York medical marijuanas card online?

Yes, absolutely! It is quick and easy for New York medical marijuana patients to renew a medical marijuana card online. It is similar to the initial evaluation, but this time, the New York medical marijuana doctor will register the patient with the NY medical marijuana program and email you the NY certification form. NY medical cards are no longer mailed to patients. Patients now use the NY certification form when visiting the dispensary! If you would like to schedule your online evaluation, click the link below to begin!

Who Can Get a New York (NY) Medical Marijuana Card?

There are two primary conditions to get a medical marijuana card in New York. New York Medical Marijuana Card

  1. You must have a recognized chronic condition.
  2. Your doctor must agree with you that you need cannabis and prescribe it. The forms are simple to fill out and the questions are incredibly detailed, even though the state makes it clear it won’t approve every medical application.

How is Telemedicine Used to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Telemedicine is becoming more popular everywhere and New York is a promising area to use it because of the devastating effect that COVID-19 had on the state, particularly New York City. 

A telemedicine visit is a good substitute for an in-person visit with a licensed doctor. Most telemedicine appointments are to issue renewals or prescription refills so they are short and work well for getting a medical card online or for a medical marijuana card renewal.

Applying for a medical marijuana card or renewing your medical card online in New York is simple with  There is a flat fee of $149.99 which includes a free pre-screening test, your virtual doctor’s appointment, and guidance to finish applying for a medical marijuana card New York.

The price is the same for both first-time patients and those seeking medical marijuana card renewal.

Using Our New York (NY) Medical Marijuana Card Online Platform

You can have your medical marijuana card New York quickly by using our three steps on our platform. 

  1. Click to go through the free pre-assessment questions to see if you qualify for a medical card in New York. It is a quick test and you can schedule your virtual doctor’s appointment right after the test shows you need this as a medical option.
  2. Set up your virtual doctor’s appointment. A licensed doctor that specializes in medical marijuana will handle your case. The appointment should last between 10 and 15 minutes. You can attend your appointment by logging into your patient page on your computer or phone.
  3. Once you get a medical marijuana recommendation issued by your doctor, you can use it to apply to the New York state registry. 

Applying to the state registry doesn’t guarantee approval. The state will contact you when you’ve been approved and you will be able to download your medical marijuana card from your computer and print it out.

Cost of New York Medical Card

Getting a medical card for marijuana once cost $50 in New York but recent changes in the law waived the fee so now you can apply for free. 

Is Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Using Telemedicine Legal?

Yes, you can use telemedicine to find a doctor and schedule a virtual appointment. New York allows any doctor licenses to prescribe drugs in the state to issue a prescription for medical use marijuana.

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